Limited editions of only 150 Paper prints depicting Mongolian Falconry.

These are top quality prints of extraordinary appearance available today using the best long lasting archival inks.

They are numbered 1-150 and a subscriber to all five prints can order all five with the same number as long as sets are available.

The Paper print size is about 16 X 33 depending on the configuration of the painting, but all will be 16 in height.

About the artist

Esengali Sadirbayev is from Almaty, Kazakhstan and is famous for painting historically accurate, and extremely large scenes of The Khan and his army, falconry, horses, and many other subjects. His work was showcased at the Falconry Festival in Abu Dhabi, and Esengali was part of the delegation from Kazakhstan to the festival.

These American Edition Prints will benefit the Mongolian/United States School links program in conjunction with the Artificial Nest Project for Raptor Conservation in Mongolia. Schools in Mongolia have been paired up with Schools in the United States for a unique global learning project.

Battue Hunting

PRICE: $75

Departure for Falconry

PRICE: $75

Eagle on Saiga

PRICE: $75

Great Khan's Hunt

PRICE: $75

Hunting with Eagles

PRICE: $75

Five Prints Special

PRICE: $350